Arabic Humanities, Islamic Thought: Essays in Honor of Everett K. Rowson, edited by Joseph E. Lowry and Shawkat M. Toorawa

Jules Janssens


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This Festschrift, presented to its dedicatee on the occasion of his seventieth birthday, reflects well the outstanding quality and wide range of scholarship of one of the leading American Arabists of the last several decades, Everett K. Rowson. Looking at the list of this latter’s publications (pp. XX-XXIX) one cannot but admire the wide variety of subjects which the latter has seriously dealt with: from philosophy to literature, the Qurʾān to Islamic erotica, and from classical Islamic Law to contemporary legal and social issues in the Islamic world (with a special attention to Egypt) —just to mention the most important foci of his research. This rich variety of topics across such diverse areas is also present in the Festschrift. This makes any thematic presentation extremely difficult and the editors have decided wisely to offer none.

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